Monday, March 10, 2008

Exciting and interesting packaging developments

While working on an analysis of the relative merits of various packaging substrates for one of my clients, I came upon a myriad of interesting developments globally. Perhaps one of the most interesting was what I found on the site. They have developed a new product named CalymerTM and it is made of chalk.
As ecolean writes on its site "no chemical processes are necessary to extract the raw materials and only limited amounts of energy are required. Calymer consists of at least 40% (by weight) calcium carbonate - nature's own mineral and building materal - and of plastic binding agents (PE and PP). The calcium carbonate provides the strength and stiffness and the binding agent provides toughness and flexibility. After disposal a used package can either be recycled or recovered as energy by incineration."
While not available for asceptic applications, this is an interesting development in a field where people are ever-more concerned about how packaging materials impact our lives.

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