Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Drove to St. David's in Niagara this morning to visit our client, Chateau des Charmes, and on the way home noticed that every single bridge from St. Catharines to Oakville was crowded with people.
I've certainly been aware of the phenomenon of police, firefighters, and common folks gathering on the Highway of Heroes to pay homage to fallen soilders on their final homecoming journey.
I had not though experienced this first hand.
It is a moving experience and one which, as you can see from this photo, draws people of all backgrounds and professions to stop their busy days in mid-stream to honour those who serve.
While you can argue the merits of our involvement in Afghanistan and other zones of conflict, witness this respectful show of support and you'll not question the valour and contribution of our armed forces personnel.

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MLB said...

Very nicely documented. Thanks for sharing. Those of us not on the road yesterday would not have witnessed such a heartfelt display of thanks.