Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Terrorism at home

Just reading about terror attacks in the paper or seeing coverage on television is frightening enough.

When it comes to your home that is a very different game.

We are under attack from the air at 15 Holyrood.

My babies are in danger.

My bald head is targetted.

No one is safe from the menace that is:

Osama bin Black Bird

Listen, I love nature as much as the next guy, probably more.  I spent my formative years in the wilds of Mazinaw territory and throughout Muskoka.  I've been down many trails in northern Algonquin park with a honkin' big pack and canoe on my back while being relentlessly attacked by Horse, Deer and Black flies and mosquitoes almost as big as those from Manitoba.

However, when I step out into my highly-civilized south of Lake Shore Road Oakville neighbourhood is it too much to expect to be safe from the red-winged menace?

So there's a nest nearby.  Aren't you birds supposed to inhabit swampland for which this neighbourhood is noted for it's absence?  

Perhaps Osama bin Black Bird has become aware of my whole-hearted endorsement of a Canada Goose cull.  

Yes, I favour a cull.  Wanna make sumpin' outta it?

Shall I add this nasty devil to the list?

Sheesh.  Can anyone tell me if these suckers are on the endangered list?  If they ain't...they are now!

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