Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Marketing to Millennials

Engaged in some really interesting work right now investigating various marketing strategies and tactics segmented by generation. As a Boomer it's refreshing to get my head out of my own...well let's just say, to gain a new perspective. The Millennials are really interesting. In some ways they seem reminiscent of the post WWII generation in their commitment to service, voluntarism and respect for achievement. If this is something that interests you I can highly recommend visiting Carol Phillips' blog http://www.millennialmarketing.blogspot.com/. Carol is a marketing instructor in the undergraduate and M.B.A. programs at the
University of Notre Dame and founder of brand strategy consulting firm Brand Amplitude. She's also a willing and ready supporter of LinkedIn's capability to help people share information and learn.
Now, next step is to determine what generation my son Gabriel is and how we're going to most effectively market regular meal and sleep times to him!