Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great trip. Greater friend.

Sunset from Wayne's patio

Yeeee HAWWWW!  Our first cowboy boots!
Wayne and Agar.  Tecate anyone?
Just returned last night from a great week in Scottsdale, Arizona with my true friend Wayne.  What a relaxing time we had at his place on Emile Zola Avenue.  Isn't that a cool name for a street? A very much appreciated opportunity made possible only by the kind permission of my bride and her parents who looked after the boys while I enjoyed the sun.

Oh, a first!  For those of you who know me a bit you understand that I have a bit of a thing for cowboy boots.  For the first time in living memory I travelled to the southwest and did NOT buy myself any new leather.

Now.  Gabriel and Sammy both have their very first boots.  I feel like I have now started the true voyage of fatherhood!

Thanks Wayne.
Thanks Kate.
Thanks Wendy and Roger.