Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When the service is actually pretty good

I have purchased my last three vehicles from the same dealership. No, not these three...only the middle one is mine. My purchases (two Subaru Impreza WRXs and one Land Rover LR2) have provided me with good transportation and reliable vehicles. What's been better though has been dealing with my rep at Marino's Auto Group - Andy Boyes.
Sure, Andy is a personal friend but that's not always a guarantee of good service. In fact it can make the situation downright awkward at times but not with Andy. Where Andy sets himself apart from the hordes of car salesmen is with his candour, honesty, reliability, and genuine enthusiasm for his product.
This is a hard business. Margins are low. Expectations are high. People enter the relationship assuming they're about to be manipulated and misled.
In my experience, Andy in both his pre- and post-sale relationships is an honest man. That's why he's good at what he does and why I'd recommend him to anyone.
We should always make the time to support people who do their jobs well. Hence this posting.

When the techno illiterate meet techno opps

So what happens is really quite simple.
The other day I sent a notice to all kinds of my colleagues, friends and associates.
My motivation was to advise them of the launch of my blog.
My objective was to get them to visit and comment.
My strategy was to provide the required information and hope they'd act.
My execution sucked.
First, I inserted a hot link into the email which just didn't work.
Then, I sent another email and cleverly included an incorrect address for the blog by including an '@' and excluding a '.'
My technology literate friends, Errol in particular, were very kind in pointing out my error.
What's the point of all of this?
Regardless of the world of opportunities presented by the web it still comes down to the details and to paying attention.
I didn't.
Lesson learned.
@ home, I remain your slightly-less-technologically-illiterate servant.