Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Harry = Happy Christmas

It's the time of year for stories with happy endings. "The Vicar's Wife", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Love Actually", etc., etc.
That's only part of the reason I'm so delighted that Harry will have a new home on Sunday (assuming he doesn't go mental between now and then) with a wonderful woman who will treat him like a king.
And, again the power of personal networks is proven so thanks to all of you who responded to this posting, my email and notice on Facebook. You're great. I thank you. Harry thanks you and so do Kate and Gabriel.
Be a good boy Harry.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A new home for Harry

Hi. I’m Harry Kerr. I’m about three years old, very handsome and kind of like a dog-cat in ways. I’ve had all my jabs and am in good health. I’ve spent the majority of my life with Don and Katie and am a happy indoor cat (‘cause I don’t have my front claws and I’ve been spayed too.) About 14 months ago my parents brought home a baby, Gabriel. For the first while everything was cool but now that he’s walking about and getting ALL of the attention I’m not very happy here. My Doctor says I need to be in a house full of love but where I’m not competing with a child for attention. My parents are sad. They really love me but I guess this baby has to come first so that’s why they’re wondering if you or someone you know would like to adopt me. Please?
If you know someone or want to take me home with you please contact my Dad as follows:
Thank you. I’ve got lots of love to share!