Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tricks and treats

Fall in Ontario must be one of the most bittersweet seasons.  We get these glorious, sun-filled, colour-splashed days that make you wonder why on earth you'd want to live elsewhere.
Then we get the inestimable pleasure of watching our kids gather up all the loot on Hallowe'en.  This was Gabe's first such evening when he was aware of what was going on -- kind of.
A little nervous at first ("Hug Dada") he rapidly accommodated himself to the unique experience of near strangers and close friends oohing and cooing AND giving him stuff.
Mostly, he could care less about the stuff but the attention was great.  Although, he did really like that bag of chips he got from one of our neighbours.
Next year will be another great experience as Gabriel will be three, his little brother (God willin' and the river don't rise) will be nine months old so Gabriel can begin to show him the ropes as any older brother would do.
Tricks and treats.

"Oh, BOY!"

We had our first snow flurry here about an hour ago.  Gabe and I were just leaving Whole Foods (spend way too much time and money there but that's for another day). 
The white stuff only fell for a few moments.
My initial reaction?
Oh dear god, here we go again.
Gabe's initial reaction?
"Oh BOY!"
"Snow, Dada!"
Turned my mood around in about a nano second.
Remember, Gabe just turned two at the end of September.  I wouldn't have expected him to remember snow at all.  Lord knows I try to put it out of my mind.  But there he was - proclaiming to all who would listen - "Snow, Dada!"
I might just need to change my perspective on those many things we adults react to with annoyance. 
It has always been my belief that a successful life revolves around retaining a child-like sense of wonder.
Thanks Gabe.
"Oh, BOY!  SNOW!"