Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Oh, BOY!"

We had our first snow flurry here about an hour ago.  Gabe and I were just leaving Whole Foods (spend way too much time and money there but that's for another day). 
The white stuff only fell for a few moments.
My initial reaction?
Oh dear god, here we go again.
Gabe's initial reaction?
"Oh BOY!"
"Snow, Dada!"
Turned my mood around in about a nano second.
Remember, Gabe just turned two at the end of September.  I wouldn't have expected him to remember snow at all.  Lord knows I try to put it out of my mind.  But there he was - proclaiming to all who would listen - "Snow, Dada!"
I might just need to change my perspective on those many things we adults react to with annoyance. 
It has always been my belief that a successful life revolves around retaining a child-like sense of wonder.
Thanks Gabe.
"Oh, BOY!  SNOW!"

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