Saturday, July 9, 2011

My weekend so far

There's no doubt Gabriel is my son:  he's learning golf (me too - still!); he's a Liverpool fan; he loves his cowboy boots - although he's stuck on one pair while Daddy has oh - just a few more!

Samuel, on the other hand, is the most single-minded determined young 'un I've ever known except for the little guy my Aunt Elsie (101 years old last month) tells me about - yup, me.  We're similarly built too!

Talk about a productive time - we have discovered the solution to violence in children's cartoons!

That's right!  Chocolate ice cream and Sammy can't get the spoon to his gob fast enough.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A very curious approach to retail

The best representation I could find to depict the customer service attitude at Soap & Water.

For the past several decades it has been my privilege to work with many fine people in the retail industry.  From global giants to neighbourhood charmers, throughout North America and Europe with exposure to Asia and South America too - I have seen lots of different approaches to customer service.

I can't though remember the last time a store owner called me an "a-hole" and advised me to "f%*k off."

That's exactly what one of the charming partners of Oakville's soon to be out-of-business enterprise Soap and Water advised me today.

So listen you horse's ass:  you can be rude to me but you may not be rude to my wife and children and expect to avoid a confrontation.  If you're so damn successful that you can aggressively turn away custom "we don't need to sell to people such as you", "we don't need sales from you" then you're on to something that no other successful retailer has yet discovered. 

I suggest you might want to write a book, post a blog, get on the speaking tour and explain how suffering complete cranial/rectal inversion leads to retail success.

Oh, I noticed to that there wasn't another soul in your store nor anyone in sight.  Guess you probably do most of your stupendous sales on line or under darkness or by mail so you don't actually have to dirty your precious little hands dealing with actual people.


Please make this store die the business death it so rightly deserves.