Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recent work

Congratulations, albeit somewhat belated, are in order to two of my clients.  
First, to the magnificent creative team at Fish out of Water Design with whom I have had the privilege of working on numerous projects.  Leading the Fishes are the partners Charlene Codner, Creative Fish and Rebecca Hamilton, Client Service Fish.  The link to their firm is on this blog.  
Second, to the courageous team at Château des Charmes who last year embarked on the sometimes nerve-wracking exercise of brand reinvention.  Paul and Michele Bosc realized a need to expand the appeal of their fine product to a broader audience and further recognized that this would require a complete revamping of their brand, packaging and approach to the market.  And, in the spirit of true innovation, Michele also introduced the first QR code on wine in North America.
It was my privilege to assist in brand development and to work with the Fishes and the Boscs to bring this new approach to shelf.
I'm super proud of the effort and hope that it continues to produce the sales required to make Château des Charmes a great leader in wine innovations and exceptional quality product.

Meridian Credit Union

For the past several months it has been my privilege to work with the Marketing and Communications team at Meridian Credit Union.  I've written about them before on this blog and related my great respect for the organization.  They are a breath of fresh air in the financial services industry and through my opportunity to write SMILE, the regular Member newsletter and some other special editions, I have come to learn how well they're respected and valued by those for whom they work.
Above is an image of a special employee edition of SMILE published to communicate the refreshed Meridian brand.  Below, is a edition of the Member SMILE featuring what I really very much enjoy - the Member interview.
Meridian is one of those rare companies, especially financial institutions, which attract brand evangelists.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Entrepreneurs rise up in Oakville

Enjoyed a great meeting this morning at my friend Grace Attard's hot new entrepreneurial incubator - e-Spot. (  Thought I'd share contact information for some of the really bright folks I met there.  After all, that's the whole purpose of networking right?
So, if you're looking for someone to help with the design/build of your commercial space check out Cameron Johnson's company, Finishing FX Inc.  Reach Cam at or call 416.822.3512.
Are you a woman seeking to bring out all that true inner beauty through an alternative, entertaining fitness program?  Then visit Jane Wilson's website, and log on to the Oakville franchise.  Or you can write her at or call on 905.844.7746.
Tina Gilbert is a woman with lots of stuff on the go.  You can learn more about her enterprising ways at either or where she is Editor in Chief.  You could also call her at 416.500.7997 or write
A talented artist (painter, sculptor, illustrator) is Bert Jackson who's work can be seen on  Write him at or call 416.890.4391. If you've seen the great Moose/Wolf sculpture in Oakville you've seen some of his work.  Oh, he can fix you up with some great tats too!!
On the real estate front, Gina Burgio is ready and able to assist you with your mortgage and housing needs as she's just taking over the operation of the Coldwell Banker shop in Oakville.  Visit her at or write  Better still, give her a bell at 905.825.7777.
Almost finally, providing insightful professional advice is Angela Galer-Grist, Investment Advisor and Financial Planner with BMO Nesbitt Burns.  You can reach her by writing or visiting  Phone too on 416.359.7099.
Penultimately finally, there were two other people there too whose info I failed to secure but one is a fitness dude and the other provides financial counselling on behalf of RBC.  I'm sure if you contacted the e-spot they could hook you up.
Finally, keep up the good work Grace.  You're doing a terrific job.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oakville truly is a hospitable town

If you've been keeping score, Thursday, February 4 marked the birth date of our second son, Samuel.  The following article gives more detail  but I could let it pass how grateful I am to the good city workers in this fair town.
They do the coolest thing.
At the hospital they set aside parking spots for folks arriving with mommies-to-be who are in the throes of labour.  So, you can whip into the lot - trying to be solicitous and ignore the banshee wailing and streaming imprecations of the woman who got into the car as your wife and is emerging as a character from a Hitchcockian thriller - park without hassle and mosey on in to the maternity ward.
The greatness doesn't stop there 'cause after you've gotten your wife into the hospital some really incredibly brilliant and thoughtful parking warden (they must be brilliant - how else could you do the job?) stops by your car in the maternity spot and leaves a gift certificate for you in the amount of $25.00.
Isn't that the coolest thing ever.
It looks just like this.
Now that's good value for our tax dollars.
Uh, now, upon closer inspection this isn't a gift certificate at all is it?
No, this is a parking ticket.
I was just too g.d. inconsiderate to stop on my way into the hospital with my wife doubled over with contractions to buy parking.  What a complete a-hole I am.
"Hold on there honey.  Just tuck that crowning head back inside for a moment while I make sure that the city gets their fair share.  What's that?
You're in pain?  C'mon.   Can't be that bad after all the people in parking would have the foresight to think that the dad-to-be might be a little bit otherwise engaged wouldn't they?"
What a pathetic joke.  I do hope someday that the marginally intelligent oaf with the over-inflated sense of authority that this glorified security guard gets to take his wife to hospital and then has the good sense to have her wait while he plunks his loonies and toonies into the machine.
Or, maybe this is a woman parking control officerette.  She should be especially proud to support the sisterhood.