Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One more thing

Our son Gabriel is just amazing.
Yes, I know.
That's what every parent says and frankly every parent is right.
He's learning so much and progressing at a frightening pace.
He's also growing a wee bit of hair.
Finally has more than his Dad.

A return from the reno wilderness

Not much point to a blog if one doesn't keep it up to date.
That's been me.
Undergoing a move to a new home, doing renovations, enjoying an almost-10-month-old son, and learning about a new neighbourhood AND trying to do some work - simply put, NOT conducive to blogging although the richness of material has never been better.
So, just a quick note to indicate that I'm back and over the next while will get back into regular contributions to my blog.

Quick hit for you right now though.

If you're contemplating a renovation and/or staging your home for sale look no further that the team at Stage Right. Carmen, Drew, Shara, Doug, Andrew and the entire team are awesome. No bullshit. On time. On budget. Seems odd for contractors and designers I know but it's true. Check out Do it.