Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whole Foods Boycott on Facebook Swells to 22,000 Users

I'm not entirely sure what the whole issue is (no pun intended). Apart from the CEO of Whole Foods raising the old conservative shibboleth that government-supported health care is some kind of nefarious Commie plot, he's right about how we inflict abuse on our health all by ourselves. It's a little disingenuous as well since Whole Foods is unlikely the grocer of choice for those who most need health care support. Regardless, an interesting little read and a good story for any organization trying to learn how little they really do control their brand stories.

Whole Foods Boycott on Facebook Swells to 22,000 Users

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5 Essential Tips for Promoting Your Charity Using Social Media

This is a must read for anyone involved in a charitable organization. Some good, actionable information here.

5 Essential Tips for Promoting Your Charity Using Social Media

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From Naked to Clad in Leather

From Naked to Clad in Leather: "

The Scandinavian travel-retail company Nuance Group Sweden was selected as the launch partner for The Absolut Company’s new release in tr...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bats in the belfry

So, just yesterday afternoon as I was sitting in the 62" round wading pool we bought for Gabriel (listen, it was about 40 Celsius and my pride only lasts 'til it reaches 35!) my mind was cast back to my childhood summers. No skimpy little waders for me.

Since I was an infant my family would retreat to Muldrew Lake in Muskoka on the last day of school and not return to the city 'til Labour day. That's the lake in the Google map photo and the dock (see that T-shaped thing) upon which we would recreate. The island to the right was in fact, guess still is, called Kerr Island.

My family had been visiting Muldrew since about the turn of the century (that'd be your last century not this new one) and it was a deeply spiritual place for most of us. My sister still pretty much lives there year round although we have convinced her that an abode in Gravenhurst in superior to an uninsulated wind blown cottage for the six months of Canadian winter.

Frankly, I have mixed feelings about Muldrew. It was the source of many great memories but also lots of pretty dismal recollections too. There's one guy on the lake, who not surprisingly became a quite remarkably sleazy lawyer, who to this day causes me to ache for a day when you could emphatically whack someone upside the head just for being a complete and utter a-hole. There's another one, who became quite possibly the sleaziest property developer in the GTA, who frankly seemed a pretty good guy when he was building condo developments and razing historic properties on his beach.

And then there was this one other thing and that's where the coincidence of life comes into it.
I was raising the outdoor umbrella yesterday and who should I discover seeking shelter from the sun...that's right...Barney the Bat.
He took off right promptly and I rightly figured that was the last of that. Surprisingly it too made me think of Muldrew for the many late night invasions of these flying rats.
That's not the end of it though.
With Gabriel snuggled into bed, Katie and I sat down to relax and watch a few moments of television in the 20 minutes we sustain consciousness between 8:50 and 9:10. Shadows flickered across the screen. Whooshing sounds were heard. More shadows appeared as though we were both losing our sight at the same time.
So, Barney was back only this time he was in the house. Not realizing my wife has a bit of the Buddhist in her I was all set to practice my tennis forehand to send Barney on his way. She pleaded that I simply open the door and usher him out.
Don't think she's had much bat experience by the way.
Barney though turned out to be a right neighbourly bat and excused himself after making a few rotations from kitchen to dining room to living room to front hall to the freedom of the great outdoors.
Pretty fun all in all.