Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tempus fugit

"Yeah, yeah.  So my brother Gabriel can ride a bike.  BFD!  I can drive a dump truck and I'm only 15 months old."  

Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator.
Robert Orben

The title of this blog is about the only Latin I recall from my high school studies.  It is a common expression often used and it simply means 'time flies'.  (You Latin scholars can correct me of you are wont to do!)

The expression came to mind yesterday when Sammy was cruising around our driveway on his dump truck while Gabriel was kicking the football around with our neighbour's teenaged daughter.

I thought, it was only yesterday we brought these guys home from the hospital!  They're still just babies.  They can't possibly be doing the things they're doing.  Samuel knows some words now.  He knows where his nose, eyes, chin, ears and mouth are.  He REALLY knows where his mouth is as you can probably ascertain just by looking at the cheeks and gut on this boy.

Anyway, it brought to mind the above quote and reminded me of how important it is in our personal and business lives to be mindful of the present, to live for the moment and to navigate our way through the hurly-burly of every day activity to ensure we end up in a place where we're fulfilled.

I have a few new friends in the professional coaching business and others who help individuals and corporations find their inner power, align their skills and optimize the likelihood of success.  They're skilled at helping people navigate the craziness of life to find whatever balance might be there.  I'll post their sites on another blog (once I have permission) but in the meantime watch this spot for more news about Carole, Bob, Darla, Sara, and Elvira.

Oh yeah, Sam & Gabe too.