Monday, March 24, 2008

What are they thinking? #1

For many years I've been involved in the food packaging business. This has presented me the opportunity to come upon some pretty fantastic food images, to create some great principal display panels, to contribute to some mouth-watering advertisements, and to witness some of the most profoundly nasty looking stuff man could ever contemplate putting in his mouth.
THEN, I saw this in a recent edition of Wine Spectator. It's an ad by the beef marketing council (The Beef Checkoff). You can't get the full impact of this ad on my blog. You really need to see the complete 9.5 x 13 image to appreciate the real horrors of this ad.
Now I like a big hunk 'o beef as much if not more than the next person. But this ad could put me off cow for some time. If the Beef Checkoff folks were actively trying to support the Vegan community they couldn't do a better job. The two Gilblratars of filet tower above a steaming cistern of partially digested veggies swimming in a sea of...well, good manners prohibit a more detailed description.
Curious what you think but the night I saw this we had vegetarian lasagne for dinner, Berkshire pork chops the next night, and Thai food last night. Tonight I think it may be a honkin' big salad. Gonna be a while before cattle country comes to my BBQ.
What were they thinking?

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