Saturday, November 15, 2008

When you move... a new home you don't really know if it will be home until you've had some time to meet your neighbours and experience events together.
We've been doubly blessed.
The family sharing the western side of our semi - the Tomlinsons (Keith, Karen and Ryan) - have been so incredibly welcoming. That's Keith on the far left and Karen waving. Ryan is hidden somewhere behind Karen. The first night we moved in we had dinner with them and ever since we've spent many delightful occasions in their company. Across the street live Dave and Caroline and their kids Lauren, Catty and Cal (you can see Caroline and Catty in this photo). They're here 'temporarily' from England (yes, the neighbourhood is lousy with Brits - you might note Keith's Arsenal scarf). Anyway, you can have a great house and all of the wonderful amenities you might desire but if you don't have great neighbours and friends you've got nothing much at all.
Impromptu gatherings on the front porch. Sudden bursts of joint 'gardening' activity and now Caroline figures we should build a float for next year's Santa Claus parade.
We've also done our bit to support the Ontario, Italian, French, Californian, Spanish, Portugese, British Columbian, Argentinian, Chilean, Lebanese and Nigerian wine industry and with the help of another British neighbour Matthew will soon have done a wine tour of all member nations of the United Nations.
Anyway, I am now a reborn believer in Santa Claus. We saw him just today in the company of our great neighbours. I'm so glad Gabriel is growing up in this place.

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