Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's holiday season and many of us will be looking this year especially for a way to combine high-quality treats and the best value available. As a supporter of things Canadian...heck, some of my best friends are Canadian...and a wine fancier you might think that my quest for quality and value are doomed.

How wrong you would be.

There are many fine wines available from our Ontario wineries and there are three I'd like to share with you, all from Chateau des Charmes and all bear the VQA designation. The first is the St. David's Bench Cabernet Sauvignon. For my money and palate this is one of the best Canadian reds available. As my BFF at the LCBO would tell you, my heart is set on finding wines that sell for around the $20 mark when they could well command twice that or more. The second is the Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard Chardonnay for those of you who prefer whites. Again, it's an approachable, versatile wine which is just dandy for quaffing and for enjoying with your favourite meals. Finally, a suggestion. There's going to be a lot of turkey consumed in the next few weeks. While I'd normally go for a Oregon Pinot Noir this year we'll be enjoying Chateau des Charmes' Cabernet Merlot. Purists might scoff and I'll readily admit that I'm no sommelier BUT when I took a wine course a few years ago our instructor said, if you like it it's a good wine.

I'm sold. Suggest you check these three out. You might have to order from the winery direct for a couple of these (St. David's Bench isn't always available in your run-of-the-mill LCBO). Visit to learn how to get their product in your hands.

Oh. Before I forget, they also do a really great 'champagne' if you're looking for a New Years' Eve or Christmas morning tipple.

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