Friday, January 9, 2009

A packaging rant and kvetch

Christmas time is such a good time to get back in touch with what's going on in the world of packaging. Now that I have a child I'm exposed to many more types of packaging as well so my horizons have become very broad.

So here's the rant: I have purchased high-ticket items from Tiffany that weren't packaged with the security measures taken by many toy manufacturers. Case in point is the packaging shown here.

This is a toy car product from the Parents brand. Of course made in China. Imported by a firm in Quebec. To be fair - the cars are great. Gabriel loves them.

HOWEVER - it took me a interminable amount of time to get into this incredibly wasteful and frankly stupid package. It features multi-thickness and layers of corrugate; a tranparent acrylic lid; a cord handle; and, the piece de resistance - a whole whack of twist ties and little reinforcements to keep everything in place.

For God's sake - we're supposed to be greening the world. Get your act together packaging people. Recommend you check out the Designers Accord on the web. Designers can influence this process by not recommending ridiculous display and security redundancy for a simple little product such as this.

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