Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recent work part 2

My recent posting showed some of the results of work done in collaboration with Fish out of Water Design, namely the Chateau des Charmes rebranding and packaging.  It also showed some of the copywriting work I've been doing with Meridian Credit Union.
In this posting just a couple of quick additions - both on the branding/copywriting front.
First, working in collaboration with OSL (Meridian's agency), I supported their good brand development work in writing the Meridian brand book.  While it is still undergoing some editing (after all, any good brand book should never really be finished!) it has been greeted well as something which communicates the technical aspects of the brand within the established tone and personality.  Great team to work with at OSL. (

Elsewhere in this blog you'll note that I've written a few times about my friend Grace Attard's entrepreneurial incubator here in Oakville  - e spot (  What I haven't shared is that I had the good fortune and wonderful experience of working with Grace and some of her most trusted associates in developing the brand essence for this start up enterprise.  While we crammed what normally takes 2 days into about 5 hours, the quality of the people present and their enthusiastic collaboration, produced great results from the Brand Clarity workshop session.  So that's another example of how I've been blessed to work with good people producing good work.

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Carole Crotty said...

Hi Don,

Love the photo, love all the smiles, great mention of Grace and E-spot.

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