Monday, October 4, 2010

A quick update on Grace Hanna Inc.

“I love working with you! You do great work quickly and most of all 
you get it!”*
A little bit of background on Grace Hanna Inc. and Don Kerr
Since my first position as Editor of the St. Thomas Courier weekly newspaper, my career revolved around the essence of effective communication. A copywriter by craft, I spent 30 years in a variety of positions on both the client and agency side of the marketing communications industry.  I worked extensively in most economic sectors for clients ranging from AT&T to Canada Bread, from Bank of Montreal to ING, from Pep Boys Auto to Wal-Mart.  At the same time I gained experience working with organizations throughout North America, the U.K., Germany, South America, and Korea.  Whether writing compelling copy, creating emotional connections with consumers or helping financial institutions fashion lasting, trusting relationships, I have driven the process which brings opportunities to profitable fruition.
As my career evolved, my speciality gravitated to brand creation and management.  When I founded Grace Hanna Inc. in 2003 I based its approach upon a well-experienced understanding of the critical components of effective communication: 

Clarity. Simplicity. Wit.
Some of my experience
Agencies Clients
Concrete BMo
Fish out of Water Design Canadian Standards Association
Graphème Branding and Design Children’s Technology Workshop
OSL Marketing Château des Charmes
Oxygen DHL Express
Perennial Disney
Pigeon Branding & Design e-Spot
Spencer Francey Peters McDonald’s
Watt International Meridian Credit Union
Not-for-profit Neilson Dairy
C.A.R.E. Canada Rogers
Easter Seal Society Safeway
Frontier College Shoppers Drug Mart
Oakville Community Foundation Wal-Mart

What I do
Brand creation and management
Storytelling and copywriting
Management and business consulting
Corporate, marketing and retail strategy
Project management
What people say about me
“Don is a creative team player which sounds ho hum until you see the results he inspires from the people in the room.  I did a strategy program with Don and it can be a stressful situation when trying to get an agreed upon agenda.  Don is the person to make everyone’s ideas work together.  The strategy was executed due to Don’s energetic and original ideas.”
Jacoline Loewen, Partner, Loewen and Partners
“If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill, text-book branding consultation, don’t even think about engaging Don Kerr.  Don is bold, out of the box, direct, and leads companies to think about their brands in a way they simply could not do on their own.”
Grace Attard, Founder, e-Spot
“With strategic oversight and understanding of our business, Don managed a very challenging project for our company, remaining focused and determined throughout.  He is extremely creative with great ideas.”
Deirdre McVey Brough, former Director Marketing, Travelex
“Don is a very creative guy, a quick study, fun to work with, honest, fair, intelligent and a positive contributor.  He understands even technically sophisticated ideas from a layman’s perspective and his work is outstanding.”
Len Rosen, President, LMR Marketing Inc.
*Susan Hallsworth, Account Director, OSL Marketing
For Clarity. Simplicity. Wit.  please call 416.818.5608 or e-mail 

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