Saturday, May 21, 2011

1. A massive triumph 2. An epic fail

"My very first time ever on a bicycle and I survived!"

So the Rapturists (or whatever the heck you call them) probably didn't have such a great day.

We did on one front.
Gabriel got his very first bicycle today and he enjoyed a massive triumph.

Only a couple of tumbles and each time he got right back on board.
Loved the speed.

Worked his little tiny bum off peddling up hills.
Totally rocked his world and ours.

Love you little man!
Flipper's very distant relative
I witnessed the rapture today.  It happened on my barbecue.  

I should have know better than to cook a very distant relative of Flipper.

Guess it serves me right.

But the portion of Mahi Mahi we secured from Whole Foods Market in Oakville was desperately horrid.

Just shortly after the anointed time of 6:00 p.m. the soul and spirit of this nasty piece of fish was taken from us and delivered unto our plates.  Dis.  Gust.  Ing.

Epic fail.

Thank God (if it's o.k. to still use that phrase) Gabriel saved the day with his massive two-wheeled triumph.

Life may continue.  Resume your normal activities.

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