Friday, March 14, 2008

It's about service stupid

To paraphrase the statement made several years ago in the Clinton/Bush years, we've had recent experiences which suggest that a temporary revival in service standards in retail has ended.
Recent dealings with Thomasville Furniture in Toronto left us disillusioned, frustrated and profoundly perplexed that a company of this standard has yet to learn the pitfalls of over promising and under delivering. And not just by a little bit. A great whacking gap between promise and fulfillment. Let's just revisit this: we agree to purchase a new bedroom suite at a not inconsiderable expense. The sales person is cheery and accommodating. Promises delivery of the entire suite within one month. You know what comes next. A month passes. But do we hear anything from Thomasville? Nope. We're left to make contact and when we do we're informed that things are just a little delayed but all wll be made right within the week. The week passes. Bupkis. We get back in touch. Oh, the items we ordered are out of stock and because the line, just launched, is so popular, we're now looking a several more weeks and oh by the way one of the items is no longer stocked so would we like another piece which is only moderately more expensive but no can't really say when that will come either.
Now, given that we're about to list our house on the market and have a number of open houses we want the suite to upgrade the appearance of the home.
To make a long story tedious...we finally received a floor model of the bed, two side tables which are not what we ordered (still waiting for those), did get the coffee table but still no chest of drawers. Nothing but a series of disappointments and all so easily managed with that profound retail strategy...TELL THE TRUTH.
Latest episode...Thomasville promised to call on Monday to arrange delivery of tables. No call Monday. Called. Promise to call back ASAP. No call. Called...person has left for the day.
It's now Friday. No delivery. No call.
Ig ergo more dealings ever with Thomasville Furniture and all for the want of someone with the gumption to just fess up and cut the b.s.
It's about the service stupid!

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